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Hypermarket Shopping (by Suzanne Daviosn )

Call me shallow, but I miss shopping at Target. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Japan, and we are certainly not missing anything that we can’t live without. But, sometimes, when I find myself with an obscure list of things on my shopping list (shoelaces, ski goggles, shampoo, diapers, and the ever-disappearing milk and bread), I think fondly of that one-stop shopping concept where you can get everything you need…and more! Come on, who doesn’t walk out of one of those places with an extra bag of impulse buys?

Well, if you haven’t already discovered them, you’ll be happy to know that Japan is no stranger to the hypermarket. (From the French word, hypermarché, it’s a nice name for a store that combines a supermarket and a department store.) Some criticize them as the dark shadow that will cause the demise of the neighborhood grocer, but for most of us, our weekly shopping habits remain unchanged. The hypermarket just adds a great diversion from the ordinary routine.

They are also a great place to bring your kids when the weather is less than appealing. Several even boast giant play areas with kids’ arcade games, fast-food outlets, and baby soft-play areas. And, the grocery sections often have the shopping carts that my kids dream of – the ones with pint-sized cars in front shaped like Anapanman®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, and other cartoon favorites.

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Owned by AEON, the largest retailer in Asia and Oceania, Jusco is a multi-story shopping Mecca.  There are several floors devoted to housewares, electronics, clothing, toys and more, and then the lower floors are the place to find the food.  (Don’t miss the huge play area on the 2nd Floor). 


4-12-5 Higashi-Shinagawa

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


(03) 5715-8300

Map (in Japanese):

1-9-10 Shinonome

Koutou-ku, Tokyo



Nearest station: Subway Yurakucho Line, Toyoseiki Station


6-7-15 Minamisuna

Koutou-ku, Tokyo


(03) 5677-3500

Nearest Station: Subway Tozai Line, Minamisuna Station



As of 2005, Ito-Yokado became a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings – the second largest retailer in Japan.  Most Ito-Yokado stores are not in downtown areas – you’re more likely to find them on the outskirts of the city.  They are also multi-level stores with food items and food courts on the lower floors, and everything else (apparel, shoes, furniture, bedding, small appliances, toys…) on the upper floors.



Akemi 12



(047) 304-1211

Nearest station: Keio Line to Keio Shin Urayasu Station

Ooimachi 1-3-6

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


(03) 3777-6611

Nearest station: JR Keihin Tohoku Line to Ooimachi Station

Togoshi 6-8-2

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo



Nearest station Tokyu Ooimachi Line to Togoshi-Koenji Station

Kita Omori 2-13-1

Ota-ku, Tokyo


(03) 5762-0111

Nearest station: Keihin Kyukou Line to Omori Kaigan Station

Nishi Akabane 1-7-1

Kita-ku, Tokyo


(03) 3905-5111

Nearest station: JR Saikyo Line to Akabane Station


On a smaller scale, in you find yourself in the Yoyogi-uehara neighborhood, Olympic is not far up the road.  If you need gardening supplies or pet food, start with the Annex.  If not, head first to the basement for sporting equipment, healthcare products, clothing, small appliances, toys, stationery and more.  Proceed upstairs when you’re done, for your grocery shopping. 


Takaido Higashi 3-21-17

Suginami-ku, Tokyo



Nearest station: Keio Inogashira Line to Takaido Station

Map (in Japanese):

Higashi Sakashita 2-12-8

Itabashi-ku, Tokyo


(03) 5915-2511

Nearest station: Subway Mita Line to Hasune Station

Map (in Japanese):

Takadanobaba 1-1-15

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


(03) 3204-6791

Nearest station: JR Yamanote Line to Takadanobaba Station

Map (in Japanese):

Nakaochiai  3-7-4

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


(03) 3954-3771

Nearest station: Seibu Shinjuku Line to Nakai Station (15 minute walk)