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Martial Arts in Japan (by Suzanne Daviosn & Carin Smolinski)

“Aikido is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to learn a martial art. Also great for coordination, balance, and physical fitness, Aikido stresses working together with your partner, not opponent, so that both can improve. This makes Aikido exceptionally beneficial to children, teaching them discipline, cooperation, and respect for others.”

Paul Neuman- Pacific Aikido

So you’re living in Japan, the place where Karate originated. What better place is there to introduce your children to martial arts? There are dozens of types of martial arts, but all are connected by their unique combination of discipline, strength, skill, courtesy and control, famous throughout the world.

Karate originated in Okinawa as a combination of Okinawan hand-to-hand fighting techniques and Chinese martial arts. The literal translation of Karate (空手) is “the way of the empty hand,” since traditionally no weapons were used. The roots of Karate are difficult to pinpoint, but it is thought to have developed over 500 years ago. Today, there are over two dozen different forms of Karate, varying in style, but all focusing on kicking, striking, and defensive blocking with the arms and legs. Emphasis is on the concentration of as much of the body’s power as possible at the point and instant of impact.

Unlike some other martial arts, Aikido was developed to avoid conflict, rather than to inflict harm on an attacker. The word Aikido means “way of spiritual harmony.” Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, who was born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, in 1883. Ueshiba studied many different martial arts, including various forms of jujitsu (unarmed combat), kenjitsu (sword fighting), and sojitsu (spear fighting), before developing

Aikido. While he was known for his skill and physical strength, Ueshiba’s legacy of nonviolence made him even more famous. Aikido teaches self-defense, based on twisting and throwing techniques with the aim of turning an attacker’s strength and momentum against him/herself.

All Photos Taken at THE SPIRIT GYM in Nogizaka. The Spirit Gym has children’s classes 5 days a week for a low rate of ¥5,250 per month.
M-W-F is Karate, and T-TH is kickboxing.
For children 5 and up.
Tel: 03-5771-1299

Pacific Aikido has been teaching at various international schools in Tokyo for 15 years.
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Martial Arts in Japan
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