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Cleaning Products (by Carin Smolinski)

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Tips for Keeping Rental Accomodations
looking like new

Walking into our new apartment and seeing wall-to-wall white carpets, as my toddler squealed with glee, we knew this was going to be a challenge. One year later and only one visit from the carpet doctor... we think we are fairing pretty well.

Here are some products and ideas that have helped along the way:


Magic Erasers - These odd spongy things are advertised as good for taking crayon marks off walls. We have discovered that they pretty much take most things off walls, carpets, and furniture! You can buy them in bulk at Costco.

Oops Red Wine Remover - After the deed has been done, pour on the “Oops,” and then mop up. You can buy this at the party store in Ebisu Garden Place. (On the same level as the McDonald’s, across from the fitness center entrance.)

Resolve Carpet Cleaner - You wouldn’t think that apple juice can stain a carpet, but it can! Resolve is great for getting out all kinds of carpet stains. Spray it on as soon as the spill happens for best results. It’s sold at National Azabu and Nissin.


Displaying your children’s masterpieces can be quite a challenge without marking the walls. Four ideas that can help are:

Painters tape - This can be stuck directly onto wallpaper and can be removed without ripping it.

Clothesline - Put up a little clothesline and hang the papers with clothespins.

Skip the walls - Tape notices, artwork, photos and papers directly onto kitchen cupboards.

Magnets - Look around your home. Is your refrigerator the only place to hang artwork with magnets?

It’s an uphill battle, but we’re aiming to get at least half of our deposit back this time!