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Birthday Parties (by Suzanne Daviosn & Carin Smolinski)

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As the school year begins again, so does the birthday party season. If you’re looking for some ideas to make your little one’s big day unforgettable, read on! Did you know that you can get a birthday cake delivered to your door in Tokyo? Need some entertainment to liven up the party? Does the idea of having fifteen small children celebrating in your apartment make you twitch?

From ice cream cakes to full-sized sheet cakes to feed fifty, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a clown, a juggler, or a magician you’re looking for, they’re just a phone call away. If you don’t know where to find balloons and crepe paper, don’t panic! Maybe your apartment is busting at the seems already, and you need some fresh ideas on where to host the big bash… Fear not! We’ve assembled a list to make arranging your next big “do” a snap!

Party Cakes


Delicious ice cream cakes or individual scoops. Many different locations throughout Tokyo, including one next to National Azabu Supermarket. It takes about 15 minutes to have a cake personalized while you wait, or you can order and then pick it up later.

Prices: From ¥3,000

Kyle’s Good Finds

A great selection of “kid-favorite” character birthday cakes. Available styles include: Pikachu©, Mickey Mouse©, Minnie Mouse©, Winnie the Pooh©, Thomas the Tank Engine©, Barbie©, Teletubbies©, Power Rangers©, Ninja Turtles©, Barney©, Power Puff Girls,© F1 racecar, cat, carousel horse, fire engine, choo-choo train, dinosaur, teddy bear, and SUV. Cakes must be ordered at least two days in advance. Kyle will deliver his cakes in central Tokyo. (Delivery charge of ¥1,500 on orders under ¥10,000 will apply.)

Prices: All cakes - ¥5250.

Address: Sun Heights Nakano, 2-7-10 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo.

Telephone: 03-3385-8993



If you need a big cake but don’t have time to drive out to Costco, the Flying Pig will deliver a Costco cake to your door. Costco’s sheet cakes are a huge 45cm x 30cm, and feed up to fifty people. Pick your cake flavor (white or chocolate), icing flavor (white or chocolate cream), and your filling flavor (Bavarian or chocolate cream) right from the website. You can also select from over fifteen cake designs, ranging from rainbows to soccer balls. Cakes can be kept frozen for several months, or for up to three days when refrigerated.

Price:All cakes - ¥3621


Party Supplies and Decorations

Tuxedo Bear Balloon Shop

Tuxedo Bear offers a wide range of balloon services. Located in the Azabu Juban area, just down the hill from the Korean Embassy. Delivery is available within a small radius of the shop.

Address: 1-4-1 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Telephone: 3457-5241


Shimojima is a wholesale packaging company that also carries party decorations and wrapping paper. In addition, Shimojima has various party items including games, party favours, and costumes. They have several locations in the Asakusa area. Check out their website for a complete list of their locations.



Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands has many stores throughout Tokyo, including their first and flagship store in Shibuya. A great place to go for balloons, colorful paper plates, paper lanterns, and other decorations. Also good for party favours.

Website: (Japanese only)


Mr. D

David Letendre, “Mr. D” has been entertaining at birthday parties, house parties and holiday parties in Tokyo and Yokohama for over 20 years. His 50-minute show combines magic and comedy, and is customized for each age group. Mr. D also makes balloon animals for each child - which are always a big hit. Performances can be in English, Japanese, or mime. For more information and photos, take a look at his home page.

Price: Price varies



Phone: 3489-5330

Gipsy Family Circus

Guido’s GIPSY FAMILY CIRCUS provides variety entertainment for all types of parties and events. All shows are customized to fit each party’s specific requirements including theme, age range, space, time frame, and budget. Choose from a variety of characters including; Vaudevillian, Clown, Magician, Pirate & Street Performer OR Guido will create a unique character just for you! Guido’s shows feature juggling, hat tricks, magic, musical saw, ukulele, hand made busker organ, fire eating and games. All shows are fun, interactive, age group appropriate and are performed in English, Japanese or both.

Prices: Prices start at ¥35,000 (Guido is also open to trade/barter and volunteer work for hospitals & charities.)

Website: (see the “PARTY” page)

Phone: 090-7738-9902.


Justin Davies, a.k.a. Spyderman, is a professional adult and children’s entertainer.

(For kids who are not Spidey fans, he also has a “Happy Martian” character.) His party program includes web spinning and high energy interactive educational games with upbeat music, and a safety message woven in to the performance.

Price: ¥30,000 for 40 minute show


Phone: 080-3200-5919

“Let’s Party” - Activate Family Circle Clowns

The Activate Family Circle clowns are full time missionary volunteer workers whose primary function is to perform for charity functions at orphanages, shelters for single mothers, and other similar locations. While visiting these locations, the Activate Family Circle Clowns also bring donated toys, clothing and other needed items. The group has created “Let’s Party,” to perform at birthday parties for a small fee, which is then used to fund their charitable performances.

The Party Program includes songs, dances, games, magic, a skit or puppet show, and a balloon present for each child. Face painting is also available for an additional fee. The program can be customized based on each child’s preference. Two clowns perform at all events.

Price: 1 hour program with two clowns - ¥25,000; 90 minute program with two clowns - ¥35,000; Face painting - ¥10,000

Phone: 03-3898-9286 (Ask for Sam, Huey, Yuki or Rudy)


Note: Many people who hire “Let’s Party” have also donated clothing and other items in good condition, which have been given to orphanages and other institutions in the Tokyo area.

Japan Theater Clown Company “OPEN SESAME”

Specializing in physical comedy, Open Sesame clowns offer birthday party performances featuring juggling, silly magic, and balloon creations. Face painting is also available. Performances are in Japanese, with a bilingual assistant available.

Price: 30-minute clown shows begin at ¥30,000; Face painting begins at ¥15,000



Phone: 03-3765-1006

Party Venues

Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall

Not only is it a great place to go on a rainy day, the Children’s Hall in Shibuya is also available for children’s parties. You can book a party for up to 100 guests for a 3-hour time slot (9am to 12pm, 1pm-4pm) or, if you want an all-day affair, a 7-hour slot is also available (9am-4pm). It’s best to go in-person to make a reservation, as the process is a bit complex. (You can call and request that the application form be mailed to you, but you’ll still have to hand-deliver it once it’s completed). Full payment is required in advance by bank transfer.

Price: ¥4,500 (3 hour party), ¥9,000 (7 hour party)

Address: 1-18-24 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-002

Tel: (03)3409-6361, Fax (03)3407-8364


Thank you to Japan WIth Kids website for this information.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

This successful American company now has stores in countries all over the globe, including Tokyo! Accepting birthday party bookings for 6 or more, participants get to pick their plush animal (bear, dog, unicorn, bunny, and the list goes on…), and to see first-hand how it goes from a furry shell to a fully dressed stuffed animal. Each guest gets to select an animal, stuff it, give it a heart, bathe it, make a personalized birth certificate for it, and for an additional fee, you can dress it in a head-to-toe oufit. Each party is assigned its own leader, and each guest gets a free souvenir with the purchase of an animal.

Price: Animal prices begin at ¥1,400; Clothing prices begin at ¥280

Phone: 03-5827-7261


The Fun House

A great choice for the under six set, the Fun House is a play wonderland for children that is big enough for the children to really play and have fun!

The play space boasts a gross motor area with ball pits, ride on cars, house/block area, protected baby zone, sensory "quiet room" for when children need a break, plus a separate eating area for food and cake time. It’s filled with toys that will make your children jump for joy. Kids go wild and leave full and happy, parents relax and leave the mess to us. The perfect party option!

Party program includes:

*Use of the "Fun House" for 2 hours

*Birthday Bento for each child

*Happy Birthday circle time and Parachute play

*Happy Birthday banner

*Ad ons available such as magician, clown, balloons, catering for adults,

Prices: For 15 children (including siblings) ¥100,000

Each additional child: ¥2,500

Available times: Saturdays and Sundays from 1:15-3:15


Friday afternoons from 12:15-1:15 special mini parties for children turning 1 and 2! Party includes "Fun House" facilities, kiddy snack table (bananas, rice crackers, baby cookies) and Happy Birthday circle time! Perfect for little ones, and Dad can make it on his lunch hour!

Phone: 03-5442-8009


*Fun House reccomends booking parties 3-6 months in advance to assure your date.


KSpace is also a great option for birthday parties. They recently relocated to a large new facility in Shiroganedai with plenty of room for parties. Details of the new packages are now being finalized, so please call for more information.

Phone: 03-5774-6089


For Tweens & Teens

Smash Hits Karaoke

Smash Hits offers Children's Birthday parties in their Hiroo Karaoke venue. Children stand on a stage equipped with 5 microphones while friends watch from the bleacher like seating. This is a good option for older children.

Price: ¥20,000

Address: M2 Hiroo Building B1F

5-2-26 Hiroo


Phone: 03-3444-0432

Lovenet Karaoke

Don't be put off by the name. This is a respectable themed karaoke venue in the Hotel Ibis in Roppongi. The cover photo was shot in the "candy room" which was very bright and fun. There are also many other rooms to choose from. Opens at 6 p.m, so definitely for older children.

Price: Room charge ¥20,000/hour.

Phone: 03-5771-5511


Est Amusement Center

On top of bowling, this center has ping pong, billiards, karaoke, and video games! Blacklight bowling in the dark is also an option!

Price: Single game ¥550

shoe rental ¥300

Address: 1-14-14 Shibuya

Phone: 03-3409-4721

Ebisu Grand Bowl

If you don’t mind the noise, kids always love to go bowling!

Ebisu Grand Bowl

Phone: 03-3715-2111

Single game ¥550 shoe rental ¥300

Near Ebisu station West exit