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Let’s Go to the Movies!

Ladies’ Day at most movie theatres in Tokyo is on Wednesdays. Pay only ¥1000 for any movie at any time. Roppongi Hills Virgin Toho Cinema also has a Mother’s Club on Thursdays with special screenings of some shows just for mothers with children. (The lights are a little brighter, there’s “check-in” for strollers, and crying babies are no problem!) To check times and movies showing, go to:

And for everyone: If you buy a membership card (Mileage Card) at Roppongi Hills Virgin Toho Cinema for ¥500, you can go to any movie on Tuesdays for ¥1200. Every time you use the membership card, you receive points, which result eventually in a free movie!

Healthy Eating!

For a list of Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food stores in Tokyo, please visit:

Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 7:30-9:30 am (after Feb 25, the hours may be longer) at the Roppongi Hills East Court. Items sold are from Ibaraki Prefecture, picked that morning. Fresh eggs, vegetables and fruit are available.

Taxi Information

ALWAYS take a receipt from your taxi driver. If you leave something behind, the company contact telephone number and the driver ID number are listed on the receipt. You should call as soon as possible and the company will contact the driver and get it back to you. (I recently left sunglasses on the seat, called the taxi company, and the driver met me outside to return them within half an hour!)

Elizabeth Minahan has lived in Japan for over 20 years. Throughout her time in Japan, she has donned many hats including youchien student, expat wife and mother of 3, manager of a relocation company, and most recently as director of an International preschool.

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IKEA opens its first store in Minami Funabashi in April 2006

IKEA Japan K.K. announces its first store’s opening on April 24th 2006. The 5-storey store is located in Hamacho, Funabashi-city, in front of “Minami Funabashi” station, Keiyo Line.

IKEA provides quality furnishings at a reasonable price.