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Roving Reporter - Issue 4

This month’s question:
What is the best Holiday gift that you have bought in Japan for relatives abroad?

Lori France

I like to give the book “Tokyo Friends” by Betty Reynolds. It’s a nice insight into where we live.

Deepika Agarwal

I always give pottery. Many shops in Kappa Bashi will wrap it up for shipping abroad.

Diana Tanaka

Yokumoku cookies are great gifts. You can get them at any department store.

My favourite gifts to give relatives and friends are antique kimonos and obis. Some have hung the kimonos on the wall, others love to wear them as dressing gowns. I give them an obi along with a book about decorating with obis to inspire them as well. Temple sales are fabulous places to pick up these treasures, and surprisingly, you can buy beautiful ones for as little as ¥1,000 sometimes!

Carin Smolinski

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