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Rochelle Battistelli is a mom, a grandma and an “infant development consultant. ” Originally from Canada, she has been living and working in Tokyo for the past two and a half years.

The recipe shown here is for
Muffin Tin Cookies

1. Your children will have positive, hands on math experiences as they practice counting, measuring, dividing and sequencing.

2. They will experience science in action as they observe cause and effect relationships, test theories, develop concepts and witness chemical reactions.

3. Cooking with you will provide opportunities to build and shape their characters as they become more creative, practice patience and try open-mindedness, as well as cooperation.

4. They will learn practical life skills like decision-making, buying food, directions, self-sufficiency, and the consequences of their choices.

5. It will help to build family relationships as it provides the opportunity for creating memories, having fun working together and sharing in the successes and failures of the job.

6. Cooking provides opportunities to increase self-esteem, for children to feel proud of their abilities and their contributions to the family.

7. The process of cooking enhances your children’s sensory awareness as you point out the smells, tastes, appearances and textures of the food.

8. This joint experience with your children will enhance their language development by increasing their vocabulary, improving their conversation skills, challenging their memories and providing them with opportunities to retell cooking stories.

9. Introducing new foods in this exciting and non-threatening way will stimulate their interest in trying new things, perhaps helping them to be less picky eaters.

10. Simple recipes are high-interest, low-threat text for reluctant readers.