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Q: Breast Cancer Awareness month just finished, what should every woman remember?

A: Palpable breast mass are common and usually benign. Efficient identification and prompt diagnosis are essential to rule out malignancy. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. A third of these cancers occur in woman below the age of 50.

A thorough patient history has to be taken to identify each
woman’s risk factors. The American Family Physician journal
(05-2005) categorizes some of them as:

Well-established Probable Possible
Age 50 or older Alcohol consumption Diet high in fat
History of breast cancer Menarche before age 12 Diet low in fruits, veggies
No children Menopause after age 45 Chemical exposure
First childbirth after age 20 No breastfeeding Diet low in vit. A, C
Benign breast disease Mutations in BRCA1 and 2 Diet low in folate
Obesity Hormonal contraception

Regular and complete breast examination (CBE), including both breasts and surrounding areas, is key. Malignant masses are generally hard, immobile, irregular in shape and do not change throughout the monthly cycle. Despite a good accuracy, CBE is not sufficient for definite diagnosis of breast cancer. Follow-up is required for all masses and may include imaging and tissue sampling. Specific recommendations have been issued depending on the age, history and CBE results. For a complete list of risk factors and management options, please consult the American Cancer Society website.

Catherine Meunier is a family medicine physician and genetic counsellor who was trained in Montreal, Canada. Her areas of particular interest are pediatrics and women’s health. She is the mother of a 5 year old son and a 2 1/2 year old daughter and has been living in Tokyo for the last 9 months.

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