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Did You Know…

…Have you ever struggled in stores to figure out what a product is, how to find a stain remover or insect repellent? There is a great book “designed to help people shop more confidently in Japan by providing pictures of actual Japanese household products along with translations and descriptions,” offered by Foreign Buyers’ Club. “Buy & Try: your bible for Japanese household products” for ¥1,260.
Their website is:

…The basements of department stores have delicious ready-to-eat dishes to pick up for dinner. They have both Japanese and Western style dishes.

…When you land at Narita airport with too much luggage or you need to go right to the office, did you know there are several vendors right at the arrival area that will deliver it to your home? For about ¥1,600 a bag (depending on size), they will get it to you the same day, if you arrive in the morning, or the next morning if you arrive in the afternoon. One company is ABC (Airport Baggage Service Co.) and their telephone number is 03-3545-2800 or 0120-9191-20. They will also pick up your luggage at your home (a day or two ahead) when you are leaving Tokyo so that you can avoid carrying heavy luggage on the train or bus.

…There is also a parking service at Narita Airport for those who “park and fly.” You need to call a day in advance, with your airline information: Sky Parking (0476-33-1711 or 0120-015-952). When you drive to the airport, as you pass the Shisui exit, call the Sky Parking number and for a fee of about ¥3,000, they will meet you at your Terminal to take your car to the parking lot. When you arrive back in Tokyo, as you depart Customs, call the number and they will bring your car to the Terminal to meet you.

Elizabeth Minahan has lived in Japan for over 20 years. Throughout her time in Japan, she has donned many hats including youchien student, expat wife and mother of 3, manager of a relocation company, and most recently as director of an International preschool.

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