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Harajyuku, Tokyo

This parade is the biggest Irish event in Japan and was started in 1992 for the purpose of introducing Ireland to the Japanese people.

Date: 19 March 2006 (Sun)
Time 2:00pm - 4:00pm
(No postponement for rain. In case of heavy rain, check BBS of this site)
Venue: Omote-sando, Harajyuku, Tokyo
Parade Begins At : Shibuya Jingu-mae School. (No smoking and drinking are allowed in the school)

Date: April 9th (Sun)
Time: 3:00pm
Route: From Roppongi Hills to Azabu Juban Patio
Registration: March 1st-31st at Azabu Juban Merchant Association (above 7-11, near toy shop) Tel:3451-5812 Fax:3451-5811
You may go in person for registration, or send an e-mail to with the following details:
name of applicant/caretaker, contact no, child’s name, gender, age, height, shoe size
Fee: ¥5000 directly paid to Azabu Juban Merchant Association after registration (only refundable in case of rain).
Note: Parade will be cancelled if there is heavy rain.

Celebrating the start of a new train line, ‘Minato Mirai,’ through Motomachi, St. Patrick will visit Yokohama for the first time.

Date: 11 March 2006 (Sat)
Time : 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Parade Route: Motomachi Shopping Street
Access: JR / Ishikawa-cho station,
Closest Station: Minato Mirai Line/ Motomachi Chukagai station
For more information:

St Patrick’s Day Parades
Ochigosan Parade
in Azabu Juban