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Booking Japanese Ryokans

We’ve devoted this month’s “Hot Tips” column to tips on booking accommodation for travel within Japan. Whether you’re a last minute “pack your bags and go” traveler, or a “plan every detail in advance” traveler, there is something here for everyone.

Japanese Guest Houses

This free reservation service is for booking Japanese Inns throughout Japan. You can select by area, or by hot springs. They have over 500 Ryokans available. All service is in English, and online. You must contact them 5 business days in advance, and book 3 days in advance.

Japan Ryokan Association

If you prefer to book directly, this webpage has a list of ryokans with phone numbers and websites.

Japanese Hotels from ¥630 /night and Car Rental from ¥1234!

Tocoo, has introduced an English website! This last minute online booking agency is able to find incredible deals at Japanese hotels and Ryokans. No payment needs to be made to Tocoo, their charge of ¥840 per person per night is added on to your room bill for Ryokans, and ¥315 per person per night for business hotels.

At these prices, the adventures waiting to happen are endless!

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